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Guidance Office Mission

The Mission of the High School of Economics & Finance Guidance Department
The mission of the High School of Economics & Finance guidance office is to help build and reinforce HSEF’s Mission Statement by empowering families and directing students to the successful completion of all graduation requirements within the traditional four year period. We assist all students to develop, and enhance their academic, career, and social goals by helping young people identify personal strengths to become productive and responsible individuals. School counselors strive to empower students to embrace their full potential and to achieve their personal and academic aspirations.
Services We offer
  • Academic Advocacy
  • Classroom, Group and Individual Counseling Sessions
  • College Advisement​​​​​​​
  • Crisis Intervention and Prevention
  • Individual Student Planning
  • Post-Secondary Transition Counseling
  • Referral Services
  • School Programming Support
  • Staff and Parent Consultations
High School of Economics & Finance Group Guidance Plan by Grade
Students are assigned a guidance counselor at the beginning of freshman year, and will remain with that guidance counselor for all four years. In addition, a college counselor will be assigned to each student second semester of junior year to formally begin the college application process.
Ninth Grade Grade Group Guidance
Freshmen meet with a small group of students and their counselor at least once every semester during Wednesday Advisory or a common study hall. Smaller in size than academic classes (7-12), the group will discuss a number of important transitional topics including time management, academic planning, study skills, and emotional and social decision making. The counselor facilitates various conversations and activities that help the counselor get to know each student as well as to help students get to know every other student in a more personal way.
Tenth Grade Group Guidance
Sophomores will meet in group guidance with their counselors at least once every semester during a common study hall or lunch period (lunch must be provided). Meeting in small groups similar to freshmen year, the group will discuss various topics regarding healthy decision making, positive peer relationships, and stress and time management. Counselors will also guide sophomores through the early stages of the college process through classroom visits, as well as during small group sessions.
Eleventh Group Guidance: First Semester
First semester of junior year, guidance counselors will meet with small groups of juniors. Counselors meet to discuss varying social, and emotional issues and counselors will also begin preparing students for the college application process by initiating the college search process in conjunction with our college advisor’s timeline of events.
Eleventh College Guidance: Second Semester
In second semester, in junior college group guidance, sessions will take place in small groups in classrooms and the computer lab with the student's specific college counselor. Here they will learn and prepare for the entire college admissions journey. Through discussions, activities, and hands-on work, it is our hope that college group guidance gives students the knowledge and confidence to successfully complete the college admissions process.
Twelfth College Guidance: First Semester
During senior college group guidance, students will actively work on their applications and discover how to request transcripts and monitor all materials throughout the admissions season. Students will manage an appropriate college list and request materials through their Naviance account, so the college counselors make sure they know exactly how to use the program. These classes will take place in the computer labs and students will work closely with their assigned college counselor.
Twelfth Group Guidance: Second Semester
​​​​​​​During senior group guidance, students will meet with their counselors every cycle. Meeting in small groups, the groups will discuss various topics regarding transitioning from high school to college.